Suparco induction test 27 Febuary 2014 (AM-Physics)

Suparco induction test 27 Febuary 2014

 Assistant Manager Applied Physics/Physics

–        22 questions from Gre sample test at http://www.

–        Viscous force

–        Diffraction limited

–        Law of thermal radiation

–        Efficiency

–        Calculate mass of e if it moves with 0.99C

–        If radius of earth is increased 4 times but mass remains same, what value of g?

–        Twinkling of stars reason?

–        If objective lens area is increased what effect ?

–        Telescope to use out of the atmosphere what type of radiation to absorb?

–        Sun which type of reaction

–        Or gate and gate final out put 1?

–        Heavy water used for?

–        Polarization

–        Reverse of x rays …. Compton effect?

–        In rocket which type of force?

–        Retarding force calculate

–        A circuit with voltage source and zener diode calculate one of resistance?

–        Impulse units N-s?

–        Two coherent sources output?

–        Be to Li which is liberated positron or capture?

–        When space shuttle  enters earth atmosphere what causes to burn?


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