Algae: Life cycles

Haplontic life cycle:

Most common type of life cycle in algae

Life cycle is diphasic (two phases)

The prominent phase is haploid gametophytic phase

The diploid (sporophytic) phase in the life cycle is represented by the zygote

Zygote is formed by the fusion of haploid male and female gametes

Zygote immediately undergo meiosis to produce haploid zoospores

Zoospores germinate and grow by mitosis to produce the haploid gametophytic generation

Gametophytic plant produce male and female gametes by mitosis

Haplontic life cycle is the most primitive and simplest type of life cycle

Other types of life cycles in algae are developed from this type

Example: Most of the green algae such as Chlamydomonas and Ulothrix

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