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  • 1. The organization of photosynthetic pigments into clusters is
  • 2. Respiration in plants takes place during
  • 3. Which one of these pigments responsible for conversion of light energy to chemical energy
  • 4. Pyruvic acid oxidation takes place in
  • 5. Xanthophyll give ------colour to plant
  • 6. Total No. of ATP molecules produced during oxidation of a glucose molecule
  • 7. Light dependent reaction takes place
  • 8. In photolysis of water, water is
  • 9. Acetyl CoA is a ----carbon atom
  • 10. The process of glycolysis takes place in
  • 11. How many ATP molecules are produced during the process of Krebs cycle
  • 12. In animals following type of anaerobic respiration take place.
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