1.Chemical elements used in forming the chemical compounds from which living organisms are made are called:

a) biolelemtns

b) macromolecules

c) Micromolecules

d) trace elements

2.It has become clear that functions of the cells are accomplished by the specialized structures called:


b) system

c) organelles

d) tissues

3.A connecting & supporting tissue in animals is:

a) connective

b) muscle

b) nerve

d) bone

4.The number and variety of species in a place is called:

a) population

b) community

c) biodiversity

d) none

5.The reasoning from the general to specific is called

a) deductive

b) inductive

c) scientific


6.The number of species identified so far is:

a) 2.5M

b) 3.5M

c) 4.5M

d) 1.5M

7.The example of heavy metal is


b) Mg

c) Fe

d) Lead

  1. environmental biology is the study of organisms in relation to their

a) cosystem

b) classification

c) organization

d) grouping

  1. The HIV causes

a) tuberculosis


c) cancer

d) hepatitis

9. the study of marine animals is called as

a) Freshwater biology

b) marine biology

c) taxamony

d) none