enzymes papaya3

  • 1. The catalytic activity of an enzyme is restricted to its small portion called
  • 2. An activated enzyme made of polypeptide chain and a co-factor is
  • 3. Biochemically enzymes are
  • 4. Competitive inhibitors stop an enzyme from working by
  • 5. Enzyme A requires Zn2+ in order to catalyze the conversion of substrate X. The zinc is best identified as a(n)
  • 6. The “lock and key” model of enzyme action illustrates that a particular enzyme molecule
  • 7. Which antibiotic blocks the active site of an enzyme that many bacteria used to make cell-walls.
  • 8. At high temperature the rate of enzyme action decreases because the increased heat
  • 9. A certain enzyme will hydrolyze egg white but not starch. Which statement best explains this observation?
  • 10. Vitamins are essential to the survival of organisms because vitamins usually function as
  • 11. When a molecule binds to an area of an enzyme that is not the active site, and changes the shape of the enzyme so that it no longer can work, this is called