FPSC CSS 2014 Agriculture Mcqs Paper

Which plant is grown by seed plant technique?
Wheat Rice Potato Bajra

Drip irrigation is used for?
Dry Areas Humid Areas Sub Humid Areas Tropical Areas

Chemaically Pyrite is
FeS FeS2

Shrinkage of cell membrane, protoplasm is called?

Art of growing vegetables is called?

Which element is almost non-essential in plant growth?
Mo Ca Zn Na

Bioherbicides are used because?

Process by which nutrients are carried down by water?

Which crop requires most N?
Potato Wheat Barley Sugar cane

Ammonia is volatilized due to?

Symptoms of Ca first appear on?
Lower leaves upper leaves Middles Leaves All of these

Growing together of two or more crops simultaneously is called?

Aims of plant breeding are to?
All of these

Methods of homozygous Selection are?
All of these

Thermophiles best grow at which temperature?
50-60 C

Three major nutrients in soils are?

Desired varieties of crops are produced by which method?

Green manure crops belong to which family?

Most of the world major crops belong to which family?

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