FPSC CSS 2014 Geography

  1. Potohwar Plateau is bordered on the east of river
  2. Key to Mediterranean is:
  3. Etna is a volcano in:
  4. Transportation and trade are:
  5. The Mediterranean of northern Europe is:
  6. Niamey is the capital of:
  7. Approx height of Tirch Mir:
  8. Christaller is:
  9. Urbanization started with:
  10. Shifting cultivation is practiced in:
  11. The largest producer of golden fiber is:
  12. Circumference of earth is:
  13. Wheat is cultivated mainly in:
  14. Baltoro glacier is in:
  15. Falkland islands are in:
  16. Halite is found in:
  17. Atacama desert is in:
  18. Most polluted city of the world is:
  19. Bolan pass connects:

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