FPSC CSS 2014 Philosophy Mcqs

  1. Das Kapital written by Marx
  2. Ideas are the only reality: Idealism
  3. Cave example by: None of these(Plato)
  4. “Knowledge is virtue”, said Socrates
  5. “Esse est percipi”, said Berkeley
  6. Neoplatonist Muslim philosopher: Farabi
  7. Fasoos Hikam written by Ibn Arabi
  8. Hajjat ul Baligha written by Shah Wali Ulah
  9. Pragmatism coined by Pierce
  10. Cash value of ideas by William James
  11. Vienna School which considered all metaphysics bullshit: Logical Positivism
  12. Tahafat Phalasifa by Al Ghazali
  13. Tahafat Tahafat by Ibn e Rushd
  14. Kitab al ibar written by Ibn Khaldun
  15. Allama Iqbal’s teacher who taught him about Neitzsche, Faust, Goethe: Emma Wegenast
  16. Development of Metaphysics in Persia (or Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam) written by Iqbal
  17. In whose rationalism there was Naturalism: Sir Syed
  18. Windowless Monads by Leibniz
  19. Wasil bin Ata founder of Mutazilism
  20. It is generally believed that the whole point of Asharism was : To purge Islam of non-Islamic elements

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