FPSC CSS Zoology Important Question For Examination Preparation


Q.Spicules in Porifera

Q.Cellular level of organization in sponges or Diploblastic organization.

Q.Reproduction in Protozoa particularly conjugation

Q.Medically important protozoan.

Q.Polymorphism coelentrates.

Q.Coral reefs and their formation.

Q.VS of Obelia.

Q.Metamerism in Annelids

Q.Mouth Parts of insects or metamerism in insects.

Q.Foot modification Molluscs

Q.Water vascular system


Q.Hemichordates have both chordate and non chordate characteristics.
Q.Discuss the possible origin of chordates.

Q.Amphioxus is an ideal chordate.

Q.Cleavage and its types

Q.Egg and its types

Q.Integumentary functions in vertebrates

Q.Arterial system of birds(pigeon)

Q.Scales in fish and reptiles.

Q.Birds are glorified reptiles

Q.Economic Importance of birds


Q.Feathers in Birds

Q.Kidney in Mammals

Q.Snakes are useful creatures

Q.Fish migration

Q.Heart in vertebrates

Q.Flight adaptations in birds

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