Homeostasis 2

  • 1. The active uptake of sodium in the ascending limb or thick loop of Henle is promoted by the action of
  • 2. Plants respond to cold stress by increasing proportion of:
  • 3. Panting, the evaporative cooling in the respiratory tract, is the other mechanism as represented in the
  • 4. Only 1ml water is required to eliminate 1g of nitrogen in the form of:
  • 5. Hormones trigger the heat production as do thyroid hormones and are termed as
  • 6. In Juxtamedullary nephrons additional capillaries extend down to form a loop of vessels
  • 7. Where does selective reabsorption of glucose happen in the kidney nephron?
  • 8. What does the filtrate in the Bowman's capsule contain?
  • 9. Which tube in the urinary system goes from the kidney to the bladder?
  • 10. Process of reabsorption is the movement of materials from

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