• 1. which type of white blood cells are concerned with the release of histamine and the natural anticoagulant heparin
  • 2. the most active phagocytic white blood cells are
  • 3. histamine and other mediators cause
  • 4. a person is injected with the globulin against hepatitis. This is
  • 5. passive immunity is defined as immunity
  • 6. active immunity means
  • 7. the cell mediated immunity inside the human body is carried out by
  • 8. which one of the following acts as a physiological barrier to the entry of microorganisms in human body
  • 9. which white blood cells produce antibodies
  • 10. lymphoid tissue is found in
  • 11. anti serum contains
  • 12. which of the following is related to humoral immunity
  • 13.

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