Introduction to Biology

Entry test past MCQs

  • 1. Which of the following disease can be prevented through vaccination
  • 2. Newly producers of individuals which are identical in each other are known as
  • 3. Which of the following is a blood borne disease
  • 4. The control of pest has traditionally meant regulation by natural Enemies Predator parasites and pathogens this type of control is known as
  • 5. Population of different species living in the same Habitat form
  • 6. Old Hindi part of the body which phones are structural and functional unit and is composed of more than one tissue is called
  • 7. A method in which test are destroyed by using same living organism or natural Enemies is called
  • 8. Chemical produced by microorganism which are capable of destroying the growth of microbes are called
  • 9. The simplest independent unit of life is known as
  • 10. Plants having foreign DNA incorporated into their cell are called
  • 11. Pasteurization technique is widely used for preservation of
  • 12. The production of genetically identical copies of organism by asexual reproduction is called
  • 13. The use of living organisms in industry for the production of useful products is known as
  • 14. Plants having foreign DNA incorporated into their cells are called
  • 15. Treatment by using attenuated culture of bacteria is called
  • 16. Major cause of hepatitis B is
  • 17. Which of the following edible product is widely pasteurized
  • 18. Is the branch of Biology for the identification and interpretation of fossils

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