• 1. Planning to reduce plant diseases by applying different strategies methods is termed as
  • 2. Treatment of disease with by with x-rays or other ionizing radiation is
  • 3. The application of organisms, biological systems, or biological processes to manufacturing and serving industries is called
  • 4. ingle-celled protozoa such as amoeba reproduce by binary fission, resulting in two offspring with identical genes. This is process of
  • 5. A community along with its non living environment is called as
  • 6. Deductive reasoning is always from
  • 7. In chemistry, a ________________ is defined as a sufficiently stable electrically neutral group of at least two atoms in a definite arrangement held together by chemical bonds
  • 8. It is the part of the Earth, including air, land, surface rocks, and water, within which life occurs.
  • 9. Antigens in the form of modified or inactivated or killed pathogens that raise immunity against actual pathogens.
  • 10. Chemical elements used in forming the chemical compounds from which living organisms are made are called
  • 11.