Plantae 2

  • 1. The gymnosperms are heterosporous which produce seeds but no
  • 2. Female gametophyte in angiosperms called
  • 3. The cons of pinus which are small in size and are produced in clusters on an axis are
  • 4. The embryo sac of pinus contains one to several
  • 5. The term angiosperms literally means
  • 6. Flower is a modified shoot which consists of
  • 7. Sepals and petals are
  • 8. Small leaves having a single undivided vein are called
  • 9. In Anthoceros sporophyte at the junction of foot and spore-producing region, there is a band of
  • 10. Lycopsids are called club mosses/spike mosses because of their club/spike-shaped strobili and small leaves resembling


Some Important Concepts

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