• 1. In Lycopsida, the sporophyte may have sporangia of two kinds as in
  • 2. Plants belonging to Sphenopsida are also called Arthrophytes because the whole plant body is composed of large number of:
  • 3. The sporangia are borne on structures called sporangiophores aggregated to form:
  • 4. Sori are protected by the bent margin of the leaflet, forming false:
  • 5. The leaves bearing sporangia are called:
  • 6. In Adiantum, the edge of the capsule is made up of:
  • 7. When a spore of Adiantum, falls on a moist soil, it germinates at a suitable temperature and produces
  • 8. The archegonium consists of:
  • 9. Technically a seed may be defined as a fertilized
  • 10. The microspores produced inside microsporangia germinated to form:

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