• 1. Which of the following a gland contributes are sugar solution to human semen?
  • 2. Leydig cells secretes
  • 3. Prostate gland plays a major role in production of
  • 4. Acrosome of the sperm
  • 5. How many sperms and OVA will have produced from 25 primary spermatocytes and 25 primary oocytes respectively?
  • 6. Corpus luteum is formed by
  • 7. Which of the following is secreted principally by Corpus luteum of human ovary?
  • 8. The early Diagnostic pregnancy test kits measure the level of in the urine
  • 9. In the male reproductive system sperms are concentrated in
  • 10. The testis in human are situated outside the abdominal cavity inside a pouch called scrotum the purpose served is for
  • 11. Menstrual flow occurs due to lack of
  • 12. What is the correct sequence of sperm formation?
  • 13. Conversion of spermatid into sperm is
  • 14. Reduction division occurs in
  • 15.

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