Skeletal System MDCAT Past MCQs

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Q.1 Which of the following is made up of bones and cartilage?            2008

A) Endoskeleton

B) Exoskeleton

C) Hydrostatic Skeleton

D) none of theses

Q.2 The collagen fibers of bone are hardened by deposit of: OR Bone matrix is hardened by the                                       (2009 & 2017)

A) Haversian canals/ Calcium carbonate

B) Canaliculi/ Calcium oxalate

C) Bone marrow tissue/ Calcium bicarbonate

D) Calcium phosphate


Q N03:  The living cells of cartilage are called                (2010)

A) Chrondrocytes

B) Osteoblasts

C) Ostecytes

D) Osteoclasts


Q.4 The vertebral column consists of                  vertebrae:           (UHS-Model Paper-2011)

A) 33

B) 30

C) 28

D) 38


Q.5 Human and mammalian skeleton can be divided into two parts, axial skeleton and: (2012)

A) Appendicular skeleton

B) Exoskeleton

C) Endoskeleton

D) Hydrostatic skeleton


Q.6 Last four vertebrae in humans are fused to form a structure called:          (2012)

A) Saccharum

B) Cervical vertebrae

C) Pubis

D) Coccyx

Q.8 How many bones are involved in the formation of each half of pelvic girdle? (2012)

A) 3 bones

B) 4 bones

C) 2 bones

D) 1 bone

Q.9 First vertebra of cervical region of vertebral column is known as:          (2013)

A) Axis

B) Sacral

C) Thoracic

D) Atlas


Q 10.Which one of the following structure holds the bones together?

A) Joints

B) Cartilages

C) Fibrous capsules

D) Ligaments

Q.11 Which one of the following cartilages is the most abundant in human     (2014)

A) Elastic cartilage

B) Chondrous cartilage

C) Fibrocartilage

D) Hyaline cartilage


Q.12  The total number of cervical and thoracic vertebrae in human vertebral column is: (2015)

A) 7

B) 19

C) 14

D) 33

Q.13  Longest bone in the human skeleton is:          (2016)

A) Ulna

B) Fibula

C) Tibia

D) Femur

Q.15 Spongy bone is always surrounded by:             (2016)

  1. Compact bone
  2. Osteoblast Cells
  3. Cartilage
  4. Osteoclasts


Q 16. The number of bones forming skull in man is                       (2017)

  1. 8
  2. 14
  3. 29
  4. 22


  1. The spine consists of a linear series of:                      (2017


A) 33 bones

B) 24 bones

C) 12 bones

D) 07 bones


Q.18  Connective tissues which join muscles to bone are:     (2017-Retake)

A) Ligaments


B) Tendons

D) Osteocytes

Q.19 Clavicle is the part of:                            2017-R

A) Pectoral Girdle

B) Pelvic Girdle

C) Rib cage

D) Vertebrae

Q.20 Second vertebrae of Human vertebral column is called:

A) Atlas

B) Axis

C) Phalanges

D) Tibia